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We offer high-quality and competitive port and terminal services to all companies operating in the port area. We provide all of our services in line with customers’ hopes and wishes.

Traffic control and vehicle escorts within the closed port area

We provide extensive traffic control and vehicle escort services in the port areas and immediate vicinity. The services are customised down to the tiniest detail to meet customers’ needs. As a market leader, we have at our disposal a significantly wider fleet of vehicles for traffic control and vehicle escort services than other service providers.

Our staff have plenty of experience with traffic control, and they know the port area like the back of their hand. We provide traffic control and vehicle escort services with a high-quality approach to all customer needs, for both short and long-term orders.

Cleaning services

Ports in the capital region are an inseparable part of the city and for this reason it is important to provide efficient cleaning arrangements for our customers. A clean environment also affects the customers’ experience of travel comfort and has an impact on occupational safety for people working in the area. We provide a wide range of cleaning services in port areas so that our customers can focus on developing their core business operations. We customise cleaning services to suit our customers’ needs. We provide the services very flexibly and they can also be included as part of a wider service package.

Gangway operations

We provide a gangway operations service at all ports areas at the Port of Helsinki. Gangway operations refers to driving the gangway and attaching to and detaching it from the vessel so that passengers and crew can board and disembark the vessel.

Reliability is crucially important to these operations – it must be possible to attach/detach the gangway within the agreed time and in the agreed manner. We have extensive experience with operating gangways and for this reason, we are able to provide reliable and affordable services.

Our staff have the technical competence to operate gangways, which makes it easier and quicker to manage any technical issues. Technical competence is important when operating gangways in order to ensure safe operation. Our cheerful customer service approach is welcomed when providing advice and guidance to passengers as they board or disembark.


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