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Customer Service 24/7

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We always provide suitable services to meet the customer’s needs, whatever the type of vessel it is. Smooth operations guarantee cost, time, and energy savings for all vessels. Our expertise means that our vessel mooring and unmooring services are a guaranteed success. Whatever the weather and whatever the season. 

Reliable service for all types of vessel - in all conditions

Our extensive partner network means that we can provide vessel services flexibly and on a very tight schedule, if necessary. Even mooring and unmooring services ordered with just one hour’s notice are no problem for us. If necessary, we can provide service to all our customers simultaneously and guarantee smooth arrivals and departures from the port.

We provide a service that meets the needs of different kinds of vessel and can adapt to special requests. All our services are customizable to suit a specific type of vessel.

Our partner network enables us to not only fulfil the port authority’s minimum requirements for service providers concerning response times and other terms, but also to offer a service that far exceeds those requirements. Whatever the conditions at the port.


Smooth operations guarantee cost and energy savings for vessels

When providing mooring and unmooring services, we draw on the best practices from our years of experience and take advantage of modern technology. Using technology, we are able to monitor the movements of our customers’ vessels in real time, including outside of the port area. We are able to prepare for changes in vessel traffic and various situations together with our customers, and thereby to reduce vessel idling. Thereby generating cost and energy savings for our customers.

For vessel mooring and unmooring, we are the only service provider in Helsinki to use a winch vehicle, which adds safety, efficiency and speed to vessel mooring and unmooring. The use of modern technology in our service provision guarantees timely, reliable, safe, and above all, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Reliability and efficiency through experience

SF Port Service is a market leader in mooring and unmooring services in Finland, handling approx. 10,000 moorings and unmoorings each year.

Our company has a long history of providing mooring and unmooring services that spans several decades. For years, we have carried out development work to ensure that our mooring and unmooring services are extremely safe, reliable, and efficient.

The most competent staff in the industry

Our staff is extremely experienced, and new employees always undergo thorough induction concerning their tasks and work in the port area. We continuously train our entire staff in order to be able to guarantee that the competence of our staff meets our customers’ changing needs.

As a company, we also encourage our staff to take care of themselves. We offer our staff a wide range of occupational health services and various recreational and fitness benefits to support their wellbeing. We believe that the benefits of investing in staff wellbeing are passed on to our customers at the docks in the form of our cheerful staff and their visibly efficient work.


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