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VALID FROM 1.3.2021

Mooring and unmooring charge:    397,28 € / pc

Night fee:                                            158,91 € / pc  (Between 10pm to 7am the general charge is increased by 40 %.)

Terms of services:

Prices includes one (1) hour mooring or unmooring work. If the mooring or unmooring work takes longer, a new fee will be charged for each hour started. Mooring and unmooring work is considered to begin when the persons involved in the mooring or unmooring work are obligated to be on the berth ready to serve the vessel, however, no later than 15 minutes before the announced departure or arrival of the vessel.

The prices apply to the harbor areas in the Helsinki area. In other ports pricing according to agreement.

The shipping company or its representative must pre-order the mooring and unmooring services either for the time being or for each vessel no later than two days before the need for the service. The service is then produced according to the service need realized with a response time of one hour.

Unannounced service orders will be executed where possible, in which case the above-mentioned fees will be charged twice.

Service agreement for mooring and unmooring services:

It is possible to agree on the above pricing and service conditions with the shipping company or its representative according to the customer’s specific needs. Agreements in these cases are always made in writing.

Man-work:                                       45,00 € / h

Man-work + car                              70,00 € / h

Terms of services:

Man-work is always agreed on a case-by-case basis. The minimum charge is one hour and will be charged for each hour started. Extensive service packages and their terms are agreed in writing in separate service agreements.

If the service is subject to VAT, VAT will be added to the prices at the current tax rate.

You can find The Price List in pdf format also from this download link:
SFportservice_Price List