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Who we are?

South Finland Port Service is the first company operating in its field, whose roots go all the way back to the founding of Helsinki in the 1550s. The port has always been here, like Us. We have several generations of experience in what it takes to work in a port. At the port, we work together with everyone.

”If the port, service and operation had to be summed up in one word… then it would be us. We and Us mean this company, which is the sum of everything we have done in our work. The work has been done from father to son and from son to father as well, not to mention the contribution of mothers and grandmothers.”

We are therefore a traditional trendsetter in our field. In addition to traditions, we also take modern innovative ideas and science into account in our operations, which partly guide our operations. We want to cherish traditions with a modern touch.

”With respect to Journeyman traditions… we have not been made champions overnight…”

With our competent staff and high-quality services, we provide a smooth experience for all our customers in a responsible manner. We genuinely care about each of our partners and want to make their port experience effortless. Our staff is the most competent in the field, and in their hands both the ship and the port are in good hands.

Our eyes are always on the future – we are constantly developing our operations and as the world changes, we make it more flexible. We want to make sure that our services, expertise and know-how are always up-to-date for our customers.

Responsibility plays an important role in our operations. This is why it is very important for us to build socially and ecologically.

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